Find A Dentist Near Me For The Right Teeth Whitening Procedure
Find A Dentist Near Me For The Right Teeth Whitening Procedure


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Teeth whitening is a process in which your stained and paled-looking teeth get their lost shine back. Stains accumulate on our teeth every day. It usually happens due to specific factors, including age, food, beverages, or certain types of medication. When you need to enhance your smile, you probably want a whiter and brighter smile. So find a dentist near me. 

It can be beneficial in a number of ways. It could make you look younger by showing off your pearly white teeth. Also, it could boost your self-confidence.

What exactly is involved after you find a dentist near me?

The process usually starts with dental examination and evaluation for tooth sensitivity and existing decay (if any). Further, a professional will then determine which whitening treatment would work best on your teeth. There are two types: in-office treatment and at-home treatment.

Different procedures of teeth whitening

Find a dentist near me for dental bleaching

This professional procedure is the most effective way for you to get shiny white teeth that would give long-lasting effects. This process is popular today all over the world. Typically, the bleaching technique is performed in two appointments (treatment day plus follow-up).

Your dentist will apply a peroxide gel on the teeth for a specific amount of time using a special torch, which emits blue light. It activates the hydrogen peroxide to release free radicals responsible for breaking down stains on tooth surfaces. The process takes about an hour for your teeth to become whiter. It doesn’t only take care of surface stains but also penetrates under the tooth’s enamel. 

Find a dentist near me for laser whitening 

The latest dental procedure for teeth whitening for which you need to find a dentist near me. It uses a low-energy laser to accelerate the process of removing stains from your teeth.

Find a dentist near me for implants or crowns

When you find a dentist near, they may also recommend implants or crowns as teeth whitening procedures. They require covering the entire surfaces of your front teeth with a nicely polished surface. These procedures can typically be completed in two appointments. The first is to prepare the tooth and make an impression for the crown. Another to put on the actual restoration (crown or implants).

Take-home whitening kits

These kits are available over the counter and easy to find in any drug store. They contain a tray equipped with whitening gel that you use at home to keep your teeth whitened for hours. The results last from one week to four weeks, depending on your lifestyle, dietary habits, and other factors.

Surface whitening strips

It is an at-home way to brighten the color of your teeth by placing an adhesive strip on each tooth surface until it has soaked up all the formula. For best results, look for a product that contains hydrogen peroxide in a concentration of at least 10 percent. Find a dentist near me to understand how to use these products.

All-in-one whitening kits

It is the quickest way to whiten your teeth because it contains strips, gels, mouth trays, and an activator for bleaching gel all together in one kit. However, make sure you find a dentist near me for proper consultation first.

Special toothpaste

Last but not least, use the specially formulated toothpaste containing either Carbamide Peroxide (active ingredient) or Calcium Peroxide (active ingredient). They gradually bleach your teeth just like professionals do. 

However, keep in mind that these types of toothpaste should not be used over a long period. The abrasiveness could damage your tooth enamel.

What is a bleaching product used in teeth whitening treatment?

Active bleaching ingredients remove surface stains and help prevent new stains from forming. This ingredient in most over-the-counter whitening products is probably hydrogen peroxide, the same thing your doctor uses to disinfect your cuts. 

Your dentist may also suggest using carbamide peroxide instead of hydrogen peroxide. This product breaks down into hydrogen peroxide inside your mouth after being activated by an enzyme called catalase, which naturally occurs in saliva and on tooth surfaces.

What are the risks of teeth whitening after you find a dentist near me?

There are no known side effects if you do not have any other severe health conditions. But it will help if you are careful in certain situations.

  • You should not bleach your teeth or use whitening products if you suffer from gum disease, open sores in your mouth, stomach problems, or sensitive teeth problems.
  • Teeth whitening procedures are not for anyone under the age of 18 years.
  • If you’re pregnant or nursing an infant, then seek advice first before proceeding with treatment. Peroxide has been shown to potentially cross the placenta and enter the breast milk that may affect babies.
  • You should not use teeth whitening products if you have crowns, veneers, or fillings because they may break down and damage your tooth enamel.
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