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The field of dentistry is gradually changing, with better technology and practices coming up. Studies have shown that when you look good, you also feel good about yourself.

One of the major impediments to your goals, especially the ones that concern your physical ability, is your smile. Your smile can take you places, but if you have a poor smile, you might lose your place in certain careers.

The good thing is that no matter the dental defects that you have, the advances in the dental industry can correct these defects and leave you smiling.

Today we want to look at the top trends in dental procedures that you need to look at in 2020.

3D Printing Techniques

Traditionally, dentists had to rely on molds made from a host of materials to come up with crowns and bridges. This was costly and took a lot of time. If you are worried about the procedure’s cost, then you are in luck, because dentists now use 3D printing to produce guides for these procedures. 

3D modeling allows the dentists to come up with physical models for cosmetic dentistry and create aligners.

The use of 3D printing is cheaper than traditional methods. These machines help make the procedures less costly for you. It also makes the dentist come up with an accurate way to create the models.

Digital Impressions (3D Intra-oral Scanning)

Dental impressions refer to a powerful scanning technology that creates a full replica of your mouth. The dentist uses a tool that resembles a wand connected to a computer and uses advanced software for the task. The dentist uses the tool to create a model of the mouth.

This method is a powerful tool that makes the process of diagnosis better and faster. Using these impressions helps the dentist to eliminate some common challenges that the dentists have been coming across recently.

Traditionally, dentists used wax and casts to take impressions of the patient’s teeth, but this technology is slowly getting outdated.

Artificial Intelligence

Dental methods are constantly changing day and night. The level the technology has reached in 2020 won’t be the same say, in the next ten years.

Artificial intelligence is one of the top technologies that dentists are using to make processes easier. Artificial intelligence has changed the way dentists serve patients, how the treatment is administered, and how everything pans out.

Dentists use robots to handle minimally invasive tasks, especially during surgical procedures. Robots have been used successfully in filling cavities, applying crowns, extracting teeth, and dental cleaning.

Automated Tracking and Patient Management

Dental operations have become easier with advances in automation. The dental industry has seen the growth in the central management system for collecting and managing user information, following up on new and existing cases, and promoting advanced dental Brooklyn services.

Smart dentists are using the software to manage patients and reduce the common tasks in the office. The right software will simplify the workload and reduce responsibilities connected to dentistry.

This form of management comes with different benefits. First, patients can get all they need online. This ranges from information to form submissions and confirmation of the appointment.

Gum Contouring

This is a new procedure used to reshape your gums to make them look longer and with the right shape.

If you have many friends, you must have noticed one of them has a gummier smile – where the gums seem more prominent than the teeth. The gums overwhelm the teeth, making the smile to disappear. The use of contouring will rescue your smile and make the teeth more prominent the way they need to. This also helps improve oral health as well.

Dental Implants for Teenagers

For a long time, dental implants have been associated with seniors and the older generation. Of late, more and younger people need these restorative procedures, which have made them easier to use than bridges. 

Dental implants in the younger generation are used to restore the face’s fullness, making them look younger. These go along with natural teeth, making them popular.

Clear Braces

Gone are the days when you had to tolerate metal braces. The current trend is for you to use clear braces, which has fewer stigmas. These braces are also ideal for adults.

In Closing

Digital trends can take your smile from zero to hero. However, make sure you work with a dentist that offers advanced dental Brooklyn services.

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