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One of the top aspects to look out for in a dentist is whether they have a dental website or not. With the current covid-19 situation, a dental website is what you have to act as your first contact with the dentist.

Studies show that the first stop for any patient is a dentist’s website.

The good thing is that dentists have taken time to create websites that handle all they have to tell you.

So, what are the important pages on a dentist’s website that you ought to visit? And what information will you get from visiting these pages? Let us check these out.

About Us Page

Choosing a dentist needs you to know more about what they do and who they are. The process of choosing one is usually problematic, unclear, and very delicate. The only way you can tell one dentist from another is to read the dentist’s information and compare it to the other dentist.

The only way you can do this is to check out the about us page.

This is the only place you can connect with the dentist’s practice; this is where you learn about their qualifications, honors, certifications, and experience. If you are interested in their background, this is the best place to get it.

Payments Page

We have seen clients that went looking for a dentist and then find one that they think is the best, only to find out that the client doesn’t accept their insurance. This can be very frustrating.

For any information on whether the dentist will accept the payment modes you have, look at the website’s payments page. You will rule out any other payment methods, and save a lot of time trying to convince the dentist to accept your payment method.

The payments page usually details the acceptable kinds of insurance that the company accepts, cash, and credit cards.

You also get to know whether you enjoy discounts on some modes of payments. You also find out if the dentist has payment plans that you can take advantage of.

You will also get advanced dentistry reviews on this page regarding how payment is made.

New Patient Sign Up Page

This page documents what to expect as a new patient. You can access a web form that you fill with your details, the dental problem, and any other issues that you face.

Usually, the dentist gives a “sign-up bonus,” which can be a smaller fee for whatever you are facing.

Location/Open Hours Page

As a prospective client, know when the dentist’s office is open and where to find the office. Find the location easily and know when the office is open or closed.

Many dentists embed a Google map to scroll, move around, see the other businesses near the office and even zoom in and out. Since the opening hours vary from day to day, be sure that you know when to visit the offices.

Appointment Page

During this period of Covid 19, many appointments are made online or via phone. These appointments are great, but if the dentist isn’t online, you can use email or a form to book an appointment.

Many times it is better to request an appointment without having to call in.

The process is simple – you fill a form with information needed at the moment. Upon submitting the information, the communication team then reviews your request, finalizes any appointments, and confirms it with you. 

Advanced Dentistry Reviews Page

When seeking a good dentist, know what other people are saying about their services. The testimonial page is ideal when seeking this information.

This page usually gives you a variety of all the testimonials and reviews that other clients have left behind. You can get reviews in the form of images and videos, plus a few sentences.

Some dentists link their sites to Google Plus to get you more reviews.

Services Pages

This is where you get the specialties that the client does. This is where the dentist tells you more about what services they offer. You get to know if what you are looking for is available or not.

Get Scrolling!

When seeking for the best dentist to handle your issue, make sure you work with one that has a website. A website is a tool for passing information and communicating.

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