Bad Foods for Teeth A Good Dentist Near Me Will Say to Avoid
Bad Foods for Teeth A Good Dentist Near Me Will Say to Avoid


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If you wonder why you have such bad breath or toothache when you wake up in the morning, it could be because of what you eat. The food you eat can break down and sit in the mouth and on gums all night until you brush your teeth. A diet should never ruin your dental health. It can turn into a bigger problem in the long run. If you really care about your oral health, check out this list of bad foods for your teeth as recommended by every good dentist near me.

Sugary Sweets, Chewing Gums, and Candies

Sugary foods and candies are primary reasons for tooth decay in many dental patients. It is because they coat your teeth with sugar when you eat these foods. Eventually, bacteria begin to feed on the sugar until tartar forms.

If you feel like it would be impossible to give up candy bars and such before bedtime, try chewing on a piece of sugarless gum or eating some sugar-free hard candy. The saliva produced will wash away food particles that might contribute to tooth decay or decaying gums.

Good Dentist Near Me Says No to Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are known to contribute to tooth decay because of their acidic properties. They not only break down into tartar but can even wear away enamel with extended exposure. A good dentist near me recommends brushing teeth right after eating citrus fruits. This way, you can get rid of bad breath or cavity-causing bacteria.


Caffeine has severe effects on your teeth. Not only is caffeine highly acidic, but it also boosts saliva production in your mouth. The problem with this is that the extra saliva will wash away any fluoride left in your mouth after brushing and increase plaque buildup. Another side effect of caffeine consumption is that it can dry out your mouth, leading to tooth decay.


Red and white wine can both cause teeth stains and erosion. Wine contains tannin that dries out the mouth and makes your gums shrink. Thus, making it easier to get tartar on your gums. 

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Carbonated soft drinks are harmful to teeth as they erode enamel and release acid into teeth. Ask any good dentist near me, and they will say high sugar content in some drinks is harmful to your oral health. 

Sports drinks are extremely acidic, with some having a pH of 2.5 or lower. They actually break down the enamel in your teeth that can be a reason for various oral problems.

Good Dentist Near Me Say No to Starchy foods

Do you often eat bread, cereals, rice, pretzels, pasta, and other starch-based items before bedtime? Well, the starches in these food items will ferment when your saliva can’t stop it. Thus, it will cause an acidic environment in the mouth, which will break down tooth enamel over time.

So, cut down your starchy foods intake because they are also known to leave residue on teeth all night long.

Meat, Cheese, and Seafood

When you eat foods containing large amounts of protein before bedtime, they can be broken down by bacteria in your mouth. Since there is no other food to digest, they feed on the proteins and produce sulfur compounds. Hence, your mouth stinks. 

A certified good dentist near me recommends avoiding these foods before bedtime to help decrease the amount of hydrogen sulfide in your mouth. If it is difficult to stop eating these foods at night, you must brush and floss regularly.

Chips and Crackers 

Chips and crackers are made from starchy substances, which can ferment in the absence of saliva. This fermentation will lead to acidic conditions in the mouth, causing erosion of tooth enamel and eventually tooth decay.

Dried Fruits and Raisins Not Good Options by Good Dentist Near Me

Dried fruits and raisins are highly sticky when eaten, which causes them to adhere tightly to teeth. When you eat these foods at night, the bacteria in your mouth will feed on them. Thus, producing acids that contribute to tooth decay.

Good Dentist Near Me – Final Words

The type of food you eat contributes to the health of your teeth. So, switch to a balanced diet throughout the day and achieve healthy shiny whites!

As you can see, there are various foods that are terrible for your teeth. So, avoiding them at night before you go to bed will help reduce the bacteria found on your teeth and gums. As a result, you will be less prone to tooth decay and will wake up with odorless breath in the morning. 

If you’re still experiencing bad breath, talk to a good dentist near me about ways to improve your oral health.

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