Common Dental Emergencies Treated by An Emergency Dentist Near Me
Common Dental Emergencies Treated by An Emergency Dentist Near Me


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A dental emergency can be a scary moment. Roughly 30% of all visits to an emergency dentist near me are related to dental problems that happen suddenly. Of that 30%, about half were children under 17 years old, and another quarter were adults with ages between 18-34 years. Symptoms of these dental conditions include bleeding, swelling, and vomiting. But taking care of your teeth and regularly going to the dentist may help you avoid them altogether. 

This article provides insight into some of the major dental emergencies people may face. 

Common Dental Emergencies Included at An Emergency Dentist Near Me

These are some of the most common types of dental emergencies. It is essential to know these conditions beforehand. Else, they can be life-threatening if not treated right away by an emergency dentist near me.  

Emergency Dentist Me for Dental Caries

Also known as cavities, these are a typical dental emergency, especially if they happen at a very young age or have been ignored for some time. Toothaches from these lesions can be excruciating and may cause swelling on the face or neck region. In this case, it is crucial to see an emergency dentist open near me as soon as possible.

Tooth Trauma or Injuries

As the name indicates, tooth injuries typically happen after losing control of hitting your mouth with something, such as your pen or desk. Immediate treatment is critical with these sorts of injuries.

In many cases, these injuries go untreated since people think the pain may just go away on its own. However, this can be dangerous. Primarily if it affects your ability to chew properly or causes you discomfort while doing so. 

Lost Crown or Filling

Crowns and fillings are meant to protect your tooth from further damage. These are usually the result of chipping or cracking. but can also happen if they were never placed correctly in the first place. Therefore, an emergency dentist near me should examine them.

Knocked-out Tooth

Some people aren’t so lucky when it comes to their teeth being knocked out during accidents. If this happens, most dentists would recommend getting the tooth moist again before doing anything else so that it doesn’t dry up completely. When you go in for treatment, an emergency dentist near me will most likely place it back into the socket and make it stable through the dental procedure.

Emergency Dentist Me for Abscess

Typically, abscesses occur when you have a hole or crack in your tooth that leads to an infection. You will feel pain and pressure around the gums and face region. Treatment usually involves draining the pus from the affected area of your mouth with a syringe or needle.

Emergency Dentist Me for Root Canal

In some cases, tooth pain can actually originate due to damaging of the root canal area. Even if they’ve been previously filled, a dentist should examine these canals as possible damage can occur over time. One of these canals may become abscessed if left untreated, which eventually leads to infection in your entire jawbone.

Home Remedies for Dental Emergencies 

There are some instant home remedies suggested by both healthcare professionals and people suffering from dental emergencies.

Ice cubes – Simply placing an ice cube or crushed ice on your injury can help reduce swelling and ease pain caused by toothaches. When held in place by a warm cloth, this allows for better compression. Also, holding it against the outside of your face can provide a numbing effect.

Saltwater – One method used to clean out a damaged root canal is to rinse it with a salt solution daily until you see improvement. A mixture is made using warm water and salt according to specific measurements. Make sure that you use clean, filtered water for this purpose.

Soft foods: Eating soft foods and avoiding irritants such as spicy or acidic food is also advised during this time.

Brush: Be sure to brush twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and floss regularly! Also, brushing your teeth after meals can help speed up the healing process.

Emergency Dentist Near Me Open 24 Hours 

Of course, regardless of the type or severity of your tooth pain, you should always consult with an emergency dentist near me before trying home remedies for dental emergencies. 

Emergency Dentist Near Me – Final Words

It is essential to take care of your teeth and visit your dentist regularly to avoid these kinds of bothersome dental emergencies altogether. To be safe from any sort of dental injury, ask an emergency dentist near me about how often they recommend dental appointments. In this way, you can prevent your teeth from avoidable dental conditions. 

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