Cosmetic dentistry Brooklyn Services: What Options Do You Have to Replace a Missing Tooth?


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While dentists don’t love your teeth falling out, some factors will cause this to happen. Dentists are in the business of saving your teeth long before they fall out, and at times it takes a lot before they can implement the strategy.

At times, your teeth are too damaged to be saved, even with the finest dental team on earth. Teeth that are extensively decayed or are chipped are difficult, even impossible to restore. But have no fear, because various options are available to fill the gaps.

Let us look at the different options you have.

Dental Implants

This is the best choice you have for replacing missing teeth. Implants are pins that are fixed in your jaw. With time, it integrates into the solid jawbone; then, a false tooth is placed in the rod to form a new, functional tooth.

The implant can also be used to hold other restorative procedures, such as bridges in place.

This treatment comes with different benefits. First, the success rate is high when you are healthy. Secondly, it is a reliable treatment that serves you for ages. When fitting the implant, the dentist doesn’t have to shape tooth material from neighboring teeth.

Compared to other false teeth, implants involve less maintenance. You brush and clean your teeth normally without interfering with the inserted implants. To begin the process, check out cosmetic dentistry Brooklyn services today.

Dental Bridges

After implants, think of a dental bridge. This treatment is ideal for filling single gaps in teeth. For the bridge to work, it has to hold onto adjacent teeth for it to work perfectly.

Dental bridges are usually fixed, which means that you won’t have to keep on removing it when eating. It is also aesthetic and resembles your real teeth.

Additionally, these attachments are ideal for all ages. The major downside is that you must have teeth on both sides of the gap for them to work.

Partial Dentures

When it comes to teeth replacement, the last resort is a removable appliance. A partial denture is a false tooth for use during the day, but you remove it when you go to sleep. Choose a type of appliance as per your needs as well as the material.

Partial dentures aren’t invasive, and they don’t result in any alteration to your teeth.

On the other hand, being removable makes these appliances less comfortable and harder to maintain.

Temporary Denture

This is ideal for the short term to plug the gap caused by a missing tooth. The denture can be taken out easily and inserted when the need arises. The short-term denture is used when you plan to make the restoration permanent with an implant or a bridge shortly. 

Picking the Best Option

So, what option should you choose when it comes to fixing a gap in your mouth?

The first factor rests on the state of your health. If you are in perfect health, choose implants. For a single tooth, you can consider a dental bridge.

The cost also dictates what you choose. Implants are a bit expensive compared to other options, meaning that if you can afford it, go for temporary options. Even with this cost, implants are cost-effective because they provide the best outcome, and you won’t have to change them as often as possible.

Your choice also relies on the number of lost teeth. If you have lost multiple teeth, then implants are the most excellent option. You can support a whole arch using a few implants.

You might opt for all-on-four implants that use four implants to hold the arch in place if you have suffered sufficient bone loss.

In all the applications, visit the dentist’s office for review and learn your options before deciding what appliance to use. The dentist will get your medical history and any other information before they advise you.

Final Words

Cosmetic dentistry Brooklyn services make sure you restore your smile fast. Losing teeth isn’t an easy thing. You will end up with hollow cheeks, and your smile will disappear. The dentist has all solutions that you need, whether you have lost a single tooth or multiple teeth. 

The cost of the procedure depends on how many teeth you have lost as well as any other treatment procedure that might be performed to prepare for the procedure.

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