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Dental procedures don’t stop the moment you become pregnant. In fact, this is the right time to take your dental hygiene more seriously, because you stand a bigger risk of dental complications.

Sadly, there is a myth that when you visit the “dental office Brooklyn NY” when expectant, you can harm your baby. This isn’t true. Paying allegiance to this myth might end up preventing you from receiving the dental care that you deserve.

The life of your fetus depends on what you do as the mother—the better care you take, the better the outcome of the pregnancy.

Let us look at the questions to ask the dentist when you are expectant.

Can I go to the Dentist When Expectant?

It is not a question of whether to visit the dentist’s office or not – it is all about when. Leaving dental issues untreated when expectant is a huge mistake. This move has a bearing on your general health as well as that of your unborn child.

When you meet with the dentist for the first time, he will come up with a routine that will guide you on future visits. These visits aim to analyze the overall state of your dental well-being and recommend the right treatment if an issue is spotted. 

If you plan to get a baby soon, make it a priority to work with a dentist to handle any dental issues in advance, reducing the likelihood of problems in the future.

Is Imaging Safe During Pregnancy?

A common issue that arises with pregnant ladies is whether to have dental imaging done during pregnancy. Well, a long time ago, it was dangerous to get exposed to high levels of radiation. As time goes by, newer imaging modalities have been put in place where dental x-rays use minimum dosages of radiation.

A single dose won’t affect the fetus. The expert dentist ensures the fetus is always protected. In case you experience severe dental pain or are in a crisis, imaging techniques are perfect for diagnosis.

Can I Use Anesthesia in Pregnancy?

If you must go through a dental process, the dentist uses anesthesia to relax the body and eliminate pain. Therefore, notify him about the pregnancy early enough to choose the right anesthesia and set the proper levels.

Some types of anesthesia should be shunned during pregnancy because of the side effects. If the anesthetic contains chemicals that can result in constriction of blood vessels, it should be shunned. Talk to the dentist to understand what the anesthesia does, to have full information.

During the process, he ensures that he uses the safest concentration for the restorative process. When at ease, you relax, and the fetus is under minimum duress.

Can I Undergo Tooth Extraction?

When you get to the clinic, the dentist ensures that he saves the teeth first rather than removing them. Extracting the tooth is the last way out for an expert. However, if it is severely damaged extensively, then the only option is to remove it.

Dental removals can be executed any trimester, but the dentist will guide you at the right time– usually the second trimester of pregnancy. This will avoid exposure to radiation in the first semester when the fetus is still developing.

Is Root Canal Therapy Safe for Me?

If infection penetrates the tooth, then you will experience excruciating pain. Using root canal therapy eliminates pain by getting rid of the diseased tissue and then restoring your tooth. Root canal therapy can be executed during any trimester. However, the best time to do this is in the second trimester since there is a need for x-rays in the procedure.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening still works when you are expectant, but the dentist is the one that advises you on the formulation to use safely without any side effects.

Avoid teeth whitening procedures when your pregnancy is in the third trimester because you might not be able to lie when the gel is applied.


Being pregnant puts you at risk of various issues. While you are handling the changes that come with pregnancy, dental issues shouldn’t be among them. Visit a “dental office Brooklyn NY” today to find out about how pregnancy affects oral health and what you need to do to make sure your fetus is safe. The earlier you visit the dentist, the better the outcome.

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