Same Day Dentures Near Me: When Complete Dentures Aren’t As You wanted them To Be


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While dentures are a viable way to fill up the gaps left by missing teeth, at times, they don’t serve you as you wish. Today we look at the various problems associated with complete dentures and what the dentist can do for you.


This is one of the most common issues that are associated with dentures. Pain is usually experienced in the lower jaw as compared to the upper one. The cause of the pain can be attributed to the design of the dentures or the patient himself.

If the dentist fitted the dentures inaccurately or wasn’t smoothened or there were errors in the dentures’ design, they can lead to pressure on the lower arch, which can lead to pain.

Pain can also occur when the patient suffers from bruxism – involuntary grinding of teeth during sleep.

When you have pain after fitting dentures, the dentist will begin by looking at history to find out the cause. This will be followed by an examination of the patient, including the mouth and the dentures, to establish the root cause of the pain.

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Looseness of the Dentures

This is also common and is also seen in the lower jaw due to the pressure from the upper jaw. The cause of loose dentures can be attributed to the design of the denture or the patient.

Looseness can arise from the deterioration of the supporting surface. Additionally, when the supporting tissues deteriorate, then you get a problem. The bone and gum tissue need to hold the dentures in place. If they can’t do so, then the dentures become loose.

As with pain, the dentist has to check the medical history of the patient. Careful examination has to be done, and the various sets of dentures checked to determine what happened to make them loose.

The solution here is to come up with new dentures or reline the existing ones. Additionally, implant-retained dentures are a good solution. Here, the dentures are held in place with implants.

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Denture Breakages

Facts: Certain foods make it more likely for dentures to fall out, even with the use of denture adhesives. These foods include:

  • Maize on the cob
  • Apples
  • Nuts
  • Steak

These happen when the acrylic base becomes weak due to repeated flexing of the denture. It can also occur as a result of fatigue of the base due to the impact of long term use.

If there is a crack in the denture base and the dentures are used for a long time, the crack will progress slowly and fail the denture base. 

Dentures that have been repaired previously are prone to breakages due to poor stability. Additionally, if the denture fits poorly, it can experience stress from the natural teeth, leading to breakage.

Treatment aims to identify the cause of the fracture before trying to replace the denture or repair it. Additionally, the dentist can come up with a denture base with better strength, or choose to alter the design depending on the anatomy of the patient.

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Changes in Speech

The aim of proper teeth alignment and having all your teeth is that it helps in speech. Changes in speech are normal when the dentures are first fitted because it takes some time for you to get used to the idea. However, these changes need to disappear after a few days.

The speech defects persist when the contact surface’s changes are beyond the capability of the tongue to adapt. Additionally, loose dentures and dry mouth can also affect the way you talk.

The dentist takes time to check the alignment of the dentures and the surfaces as well. When dentures are too old, they tend to lose the smooth surface, and any attempt to talk will result in words being pronounced poorly.

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