What are the Qualities of the Best Dentist Near Me?
What are the Qualities of the Best Dentist Near Me?


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Your teeth need a regular check-up, and a manual check-up at home is not enough. You need a routine visit to a good dentist from time to time to prevent any serious issue that may arise in a few years. While anybody with a good grip on chemistry and biology can get into a dental school, only a few dentists stand out in the crowd. There are many characteristics of a good dentist apart from the extensive level of knowledge and expertise that they possess. 

A great dentist needs to be a good businessperson and a good artist as well. After completing dental school, most dentists set up their own practice, or in other terms, start their own business. As you are going to require regular dental cleaning, you need to identify the best dentist in your area. 

Identifying the Best Dentist Near Me

Here are the best qualities that you need to identify when searching for a dentist. Once you finalize your top pick, your life will become easier. 

Manual Dexterity 

Manual Dexterity means the ability to make incredibly precise movements while maintaining coordination throughout the dental procedure. A dentist needs to have fine motor skills to be able to work in a tiny space, that is, your mouth. The ability to manipulate tools with a steady hand is a valuable skill for a dentist. 

Detail Oriented

As a dentist works in a small space, they cannot afford to miss the tiniest detail. Therefore, even a slight mistake can make the difference between misalignment and proper alignment of the jaw. A good dentist can easily spot the first indicators of a dental problem just by inspection. 

Masters of Art

Not only science, but a good dentist also needs to have outstanding artistic abilities to fix a patient’s teeth and their beautiful smile to restore their confidence. Even though dentistry is mostly about focusing on oral care, the aesthetic appeal is also not far behind. There are a lot of techniques that a dentist needs to perfect, and art is also one of them. 

Updated with the Latest Studies

Medical science is not constant, and it is an ever-evolving field with new patents and research papers being published daily. When it comes to dental science, new technologies are being introduced every day that are making oral care more comfortable, effective, and affordable. Therefore, if you are looking for the best dentist, you need to find one who has a deep desire to learn and master all the new techniques. 


The American Dental Association has laid out several pointers to ensure that your dentist maintains a clean, neat, and orderly clinic. A good dentist always ensures that all the dental instruments are properly sterilized before use and that the operating room is not contaminated. If you see old gloves and dirty instruments lying around the dentist’s office, you need to rush out of there as fast as possible. 

Strong Interpersonal Skills

Visiting a dentist is scary. Most of us are visibly scared of visiting a dentist; therefore, it is the dentist’s role to make you feel safe during the entire procedure. A good dentist is personal with the patients, is kind and compassionate, and empathizes with their pain. If a dentist has good interpersonal skills, it is easy for them to build trust and put a patient at ease. 

Strong interpersonal skills make all the difference. Dental procedures can sometimes be long and arduous as well, and a good dentist ensures that the patient feels comfortable. You can easily identify a good dentist by following your instinct when you first enter their office. 

Educates You

Your dental care does not stop right after the procedure. As you do not have any idea regarding dental hygiene, a good dentist will guide you on oral health, medical issues, and treatment options for potential problems. Your dentist will also help you with proper brushing techniques and diet for healthy teeth. 

Follow Up

Dental procedures are often difficult and painful. The anesthesia makes your mouth numb, at least for a few hours afterward. A good dentist will encourage you to ask questions, do a follow-up examination after the procedure, and walk you through alternate procedures. 

Bottom Line

Choosing the perfect dentist isn’t an easy decision. Now you are aware of what to look for when you are searching for the best dentist near me. Luckily, you have plenty of dentists to choose from by doing proper research online. If the dentist exhibits all the above characteristics, then you can safely make your appointment with them. 

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