Best Cosmetic Dentist Performs Various Procedures to Beautify Your Smile
Best Cosmetic Dentist Performs Various Procedures to Beautify Your Smile


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A general dentist cares for the basic dental needs of your whole family and the best cosmetic dentist cares for the aesthetics and gives more emphasis on the way we smile.

The main work of a cosmetic dentist is to modify the position of your tooth if you want your beautiful smile back. Within the increasing modernization and aim for being the best, cosmetic dentistry has been in high demand.

Procedures Done by Best Cosmetic Dentist:

  1. Cosmetic Teeth Whitening:

Generally Termed as Teeth bleaching, the best cosmetic dentist generally uses this treatment to whiten the teeth so as to enhance the presentation. The procedure can be performed at the dentist’s chamber or at home. Every individual opting for teeth whitening observes a moderate to substantial improvement in the whitening or brightness of teeth but this is in no way a permanent solution and needs periodical maintenance for a prolonged effect.

2. Cosmetic Dental Veneers by Best Cosmetic Dentist:

Your cosmetic dentist will customize veneers using a thin shell of porcelain or composite material for proper application to the front side of the tooth. With the help of these dental veneers, a dentist can fix slightly crooked teeth, discolored teeth, chipped teeth, or even cover spaces in between the teeth. Veneers technically cannot be termed as a permanent solution to the problem. But in some ways, they act as a prolonged solution if maintained properly to sustain for decades. 

3. Cosmetic Dental Implants:

Your dentist will generally design them using titanium to surgically replace your missing teeth. Dental implants act as the tooth root and function as artificial teeth like a crown, bridge, or denture.

4. Cosmetic Dental Crowns by Best Cosmetic Dentist:

The custom-made dental crowns by a cosmetic dentist fit over your whole tooth. Usually, a dentist uses acrylic or porcelain fused with metal in order to create crowns that can withstand biting pressure. You can consider this dental procedure to treat poorly shaped, badly decayed, broken, or chipped teeth. The cost of tooth crowning depends on the number of crowns, the type of the crown, etc. 

For example, a PFM crown is costlier than a Metal crown. Other crown types are porcelain crowns, ceramic/ zirconium crowns. General people prefer metal crowns for aesthetic concerns.

5. Cosmetic Teeth Shaping by Cosmetic Dentist:

This can also be termed as ‘enamel shaping’ and can reshape the tooth by working on the enamel. The entire process carried is usually painless and produces an immediate effect. Teeth reshaping is not at all a costly process, but the performing cost is quite high. Also, it increases the risk of wear and tear of teeth along with other dental problems like tooth sensitivity.

6. Cosmetic Tooth Bonding:

Bonding is the process in which the best cosmetic bonds tooth-colored materials to the tooth. This is the process of improving the appearance of a tooth that is badly shaped, broken, or chipped.

7. Cosmetic Orthodontic Treatment by Best Cosmetic Dentist:

Cosmetic orthodontics deals with the rectification of misaligned teeth for the purpose of improving the appearance and functioning of teeth. This usually involves wearing a brace, this sets the protruding top row of teeth properly over the bottom row of teeth. Orthodontic cures the buck or crooked teeth; nowadays there is much craze among individuals for cosmetic purposes. 

8. Enamel Bonding by Best Cosmetic Dentist:

The major drawback is the life-span of the enamel bonding, which isn’t nearly as long as dental veneers. It is a great procedure for people who have deeply stained or chipped teeth. The material used in this is moldable, which helps the dentist to mold the shape of material as per your teeth area.

9. Invisalign Braces by Best Cosmetic Dentist:

It is usual nowadays to see a child with braces. But usually, nobody imagines that braces can be useful for adults as well. But today more and more adults are getting braces to get the smile they’ve always wanted. Invisalign braces are awesome for adults because they are not easily distinguishable.

Wrapping Up:

Since the wants of an individual are never-ending, so people urge to find the best cosmetic dentist to look and feel better. Many people these days prefer cosmetic dental surgery because it is safe, affordable, and reliable. However, the procedure must be performed only under the proper guidance of a medical practitioner.

Years of extensive studies and training followed by careful art of workmanship are the basic criteria in finding the right cosmetic dentist. Besides, the expense of cosmetic dentistry depends on various factors that a cosmetic dentist will discuss with you before beginning the procedure. 

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