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In course of your access and normal use of the NMD PORTAL, we may enable certain tracking technologies (hereinafter “Cookies” or “Tracking Tools”) that help us to understand how persons accessing the NMD PORTAL use it, their behavior patterns, and understand areas for our further improvements. This Policy is aiming to clarify to you how, when, and for what purpose NMD uses the Tracking Tools on the NMD PORTAL and other Internet resources managed by the NMD team. 

Every time you interact with the NMD PORTAL, our IT systems automatically enable the Tracking Tools that identify your IP address, certain computer details, and other information as specified further in this Policy. 

We implemented the Tracking Technologies into the NMD PORTAL mainly for your convenience. However, there are also certain additional purposes:

(i) NMD Tracking Technologies will improve your user experience associated with our NMD PORTAL;

(ii) Tracking Tools help us to save your login details and ensure that your authorization process goes smoothly. It also helps us to remember certain technical features which you choose during your last visit and enable them automatically. To achieve this we keep your authorization token which is specific to a user’s login session and remains active each time when the user enters a username and password. 

(iii) To understand the preferences of users who access the NMD PORTAL in anonymous mode.

(iv) To establish uninterrupted connectivity with public social networks and make sure that the respective data is reflected correctly on the NMD PORTAL.

(v) To deliver advertisements adjusted for preferences and requirements of each person accessing the NMD PORTAL. NMD may cooperate with certain Healthcare Service Providers to post advertisements promoting their services. We use these technologies to understand what service may be relevant for you and show it to you when you are online.


NMD uses advertisements, data collection, and other tracking technologies in accordance with the principles and rules outlined in this Section.

  A. To improve operational effectiveness and enhance your experience with the NMD PORTAL, NMD implemented various technologies transferring to your computer a small data file which allows us to understand identification details of your computer namely its IP and browser information each time you interact with the NMD PORTAL (“Сооkies” or “Tracking tools”).

NMD implemented the aforementioned technologies for the following purposes:

(i) To adjust automatically certain features implemented into the NMD PORTAL for each person using this web-resource;

(ii) Track and save preferences of each person using the NMD PORTAL;

(iii) Save login tokens and authorization metadata. This will allow users to facilitate and simplify their access to the NMD PORTAL;

(iv) Track activities of persons accessing the NMD PORTAL in anonymous mode.

B. There are following types of Сооkies implemented on the NMD PORTAL:

(i) Tracking tools which are enabled only during active sessions of the NMD PORTAL and disable when the user stops using the browser, close the web page of the NMD PORTAL, or turn off electronic device used to access the PORTAL. It tracks and saves the preferences and activities of the user to help NMD understand the preferences of the relevant person accessing the NMD PORTAL.

(ii) Tracking tools which remain enabled when users stop using the NMD PORTAL for a certain period of time specified in the relevant cookie. It helps NMD to remember the user and adjust the NMD PORTAL for specific preferences of such user during the next visit.

(iii) Tracking tools that may allow you to activate certain specific tools and features accessible on our NMD PORTAL. If a person chooses to disable these cookies it may make certain services of the NMD PORTAL unavailable.

(iv) Certain Internet pages of the NMD PORTAL may contain small images or GIFs known as beacons. These images function in conjunction with other tracking technologies implemented on the NMD PORTAL. NMD uses it to track certain data related to users’ behavior. It helps to identify persons who/which frequently visit the NMD PORTAL and enhance their experience with the web service.

(v) Tracking tools that save your setting and other technical preferences you choose when accessing the NMD PORTAL. It helps NMD to remember users and automatically adjust NMD PORTAL settings according to the specific preference every time when such user access the PORTAL, for example, region or language.

(vi) Tracking tools collecting information about the total number of visitors of the NMD PORTAL, their typical behavior, and general preferences. NMD uses these tools to understand areas for further improvements of the NMD PORTAL. They are based on the principles of generalization and may apply to tracking a number of mouse clicks, data downloaded, pages viewed, and others.

(vii) Tracking tools are enabled when the user accessing the NMD PORTAL. They track and identify preferences and adjust advertisements that can be visible during the use of the NMD PORTAL in accordance with the interest of the user.

It is also worth mentioning that each person accessing the NMD PORTAL may adjust and control the functioning of the specified tracking tools through the setting of the user’s browser. Every browser and device may allow manually enable or disable these technologies. If a person using the NMD PORTAL chooses to disable the cookies, such user may, in any case, observe certain advertisements adjusted to the user’s preferences identified during prior use of the PORTAL or that are not adjusted/targeted to the user.


During your use of the NMD PORTAL, you may observe advertisements of third parties not associated with NMD, Healthcare Service Providers referred to on the NMD PORTAL, their links, and reference to other Internet resources. Each of these persons may use its own tracking tools and cookies to identify your preferences and collect other information about your Internet presence. These third parties tracking tools may be also contained in newsletters, special promotions which NMD PORTAL will circulate from time to time between its users. In certain cases, these third parties may also use vendors to promote their vendors, implement and analyze their cookies responses from their users. 

NMD generally allows for third parties to use their tracking technologies. We presume that all such technologies fully comply with NMD Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, and other documents governing your use of the NMD PORTAL. In certain cases, we may also technically assist advertisers in posting their content on the NMD PORTAL. NMD, however, does not control all technical details and the full cycle of operations of the said tracking tools used by third parties. Furthermore, NMD may not control how the data collected by means of these tools will be managed, stored, or protected. For these reasons, NMD shall not be liable for any losses, unauthorized access or other negative consequences that occurred as a result of functioning the third parties tracking tools. 

To maintain and ensure proper functioning and displaying of all features related to advertisements posted on the NMD PORTAL we cooperate with a number of advertisement networks. These vendors and partners may collect and process various information about your Internet behavior, IP address, and browser used for access the NMD PORTAL to provide you target-based advertisements based on your preferences and Internet behavior. They conduct collection by means of their tracking tools. NMD may also exchange with these advertisement networks certain information related to users accessing the NMD PORTAL. Although there is no exhaustive list of such vendors and partners because NMD upon your request may provide you with names of current advertisement networks that NMD PORTAL cooperates with as of the date of processing your inquiry.

In course of your usage of the NMD PORTAL, your computer and browser may establish communications with servers of third parties including our vendors, partners, and Healthcare Service Providers referred to on the NMD PORTAL. This said the servers of such third parties may collect information about your web-browser, webpage headers, IP address, and metadata related to the computer used to access the NMD PORTAL. The purpose of such collection and communication is to deliver you customized advertisements when you accessing NMD PORTAL and/or websites of the Healthcare Service Providers. In certain cases NMD will also interact and exchange with the said third parties the information collected by NMD on the NMD PORTAL. It occurs directly between our servers and IT systems without the technical participation of our users. According to our information and belief, these third parties implement an adequate system of protection and processing of the information transferred to them from NMD PORTAL or by our users directly. However, their IT systems are not under the control of NMD, therefore we neither warrant nor represent that this information will be treated with a certain level of care or safety. NMD also is not obliged for acts of such third parties. In addition, we strongly advised our users to review cookies, privacy policies, and other documents posted on external links and Internet services of Healthcare service providers which you may access from the NMD PORTAL. This will help you to better understand the level of control and protection granted by such persons in regards to your information.  

Please also be acknowledged that it is your sole responsibility to periodically review Cookies, Privacy and other policies accessible on the NMD PORTAL and the respective documents of third parties that may access or process your information.


If any user of the NMD PORTAL decides not to use of the Tracking Tools, he/she may manually disable them. Devices and browsers which are generally used to access the NMD PORTAL allow their users to disable cookies or adjust types and volume of collected information. They have specific software or basic incorporated settings. This decision does not prevent the user from access the NMD PORTAL. Some of the features, however, may not be available to the person who has chosen to disable Tracking Tools.


You understand and agree that NMD is entitled to make amendments to this Policy at any time without your prior notice or confirmation. All changes become effective upon they are posted and become available on the NMD PORTAL. You consent with such changes presumed if you choose to continue using the NMD PORTAL.


If you have any feedback or comment in regards to the provisions of this Privacy Policy, you may reach to us by sending your email at or by phone 8009639999.

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