The Power of Verified Patient Reviews

Truthful, authentic, verified reviews from your patients displayed right on your profile page are the result of NMD analytic evaluation process aimed at transparency between you and your patients helping foster your patients’ trust, support your reputation and expand your online presence.

Transparency is a Significant Step in Patient Relations

Significant changes take time and careful planning. At NMD we understand that moving forward towards more transparent patient relations is a big step for any practitioner but we have got your back! With NMD sophisticated set of tools and 24/7 support we help you get started and ensure that your providers are as excited about going transparent as you are. 

Transparency is Your Tool

At we view transparency more as a tool for a continuous progress than an end goal. Utilizing the collected data enables you to learn from your patients’ experience about what is working and what needs improvement in your operations.

Flexible and Innovative Operational Tools

NMD’s advanced online platform has been designed to equip you with flexible and constructive strategic and operational tools effective in evaluating and analyzing complex data thus providing you with ample possibilities to track your progress.


Variety and Flexibility of Data Resources

With NMD tools varying from online review collection and data evaluation to online reputation control and management we have your back!

Go Easy on Your IT Resources

We do all the work. All you need to do is copy and paste the content onto your webpage.

Credible Patient Surveys utilizes data only credible information, like CAHPS®-certified survey data to build and sustain your patient’s trust.

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