Reputation management made simple.

Nearmedental.com is equipped to record validated patient reviews in real time and instantly publish them on the most popular healthcare review sites.

Encourage reviews with a simple kiosk interface

 NMD Review is a compact easy-to-use device developed, tested and adapted for people of all ages.

Engage Patients and Ensure Real-Time Reviews

Nearmedental.com platform provides you with an opportunity to encourage your patients to write their feedback while they are still in your office. All reviews are carefully analyzed by the verification team through Nearmedental.com filters to ensure they are from real patients.

Web-wide distribution

Patients’ reviews are automatically synced and published across Nearmedental.com partner websites making them available to a network of over 70 million patients.

Enhance your Online Presence and Visibility

After proper validation by Nearmedental.com verification team patient reviews are published directly on your website and social media platforms, maintaining your information up-to-date, relevant, and search-friendly.



Stay Current

Consumers are 80% less likely to trust a review older than three months. With Nearmedental.com review tools, you can be assured to have a steady supply of validated new content.

Boost SEO

A consistent stream of authentic patient reviews is detrimental for your good SEO. Your Nearmedental.com profile is equipped with patient review tools to ensure the success of your SEO.

Easy Monitoring

Using its sync tools Nearmedental.com allows you to manage all your online patient reviews from a single platform.

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