How Reviews Work on Near Me Dental

NMD created the Review’s system that allows Users to share honest, complete, and truthful information about their own experience related to the Healthcare Providers, including the following categories: location, types of service, staff, price, time, cleanness, and overall rating. You can leave one star to five for each category.

  • NMD endeavors to check every review before everyone can see it. NMD moderates review information on the subject of who left a review (real person or robot, person who received Healthcare Provider’s services or not), and content.
  • NMD never publishes review that has profanity, harmful, or otherwise offensive content.
  • NMD itself never publishes advertisements.
  • NMD itself never publishes Individual Data, including diagnosis, treatment, price, and other personal information.
  • NMD publishes all reviews (positive and negative) matching these requirements.
  • The moderation of the review can take a few days
  • You can post your review in the profile of the respective Healthcare Provider.

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