Be in Charge of Your Online Reputation

With NMD tools you can do much more than keep an eye on your online reputation. NMD advanced technology also helps you monitor, acquire insight and begin making actual changes.

The Proper Reputation

Make use of the power of Internet reviews to gather useful information. NMD online Reputation Insights service monitors the most prominent third-party provider review sites and compiles all data into a single, user-friendly platform.

Data Collection and Evaluation

Collecting and analyzing sizable volumes of patient evaluations gives you an exceptional amount of data to study and get insights. NMD portal, with its sophisticated technology and comprehensive tools, is the only online platform on the market specifically designed for the dental industry, allowing you to evaluate the collected data in depth.

Power of Surveys and Questionnaires

Do not underestimate the power of surveys! With online surveys and questionnaires, you may turn your patients into your brand advocates. NMD also assists you in following up with disgruntled patients, keeping account of your contact history with them, and resolving each situation involving negative online reviews.

Effective Resolution

Once you have gained an in-depth evaluation of diverse patient review data about your practice operations, NMD analytic and management tools help you utilize this information in the most effective way to ensure that your patients feel heard and understood.


NMD analytic tools automatically evaluate patient comments to provide instant insight into the practitioner’s performance.


NMD analytic tools automatically evaluate patient comments to provide an instant insight into the practitioner’s performance.


Use NMD analytic tools to create custom reports by sorting, filtering, and pivoting your reputation data in a few easy steps.


Use can use NMD analytic tools to create a comparative assessment of your performance to your competition and utilize this information to effect improvements.

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