Our Story

Nearmedental.com was founded in 2021 with the mission of helping dental organizations deliver a better customer experience at every step of the digital patient journey. Dental practitioners today struggle to thrive in an increasingly digital and consumer-driven world, lacking expertise or effective solutions. And, as patients, the care-seeking experience is often frustrating and arduous. By introducing a “customer experience” mindset to organizations — one that is value-based, modern, and efficient — we can help evolve the healthcare industry.

Our technology

We built our technology from the ground up to function as a holistic and robust customer experience platform — not another point solution. Today, we have the only offering in the dental industry that seamlessly integrates web-wide listings management, reputation insights, universal online scheduling, patient communications, provider data warehousing.


As a result, thousands of dentist’s, dental office’s of all sizes have been empowered by the Nearmedental.com platform to enhance their digital presence and credibility, increase patient trust, and grow their business.

Our team

We’ve assembled a world-class team with strong technical expertise, decades of industry experience, unwavering commitment to client success and a unified vision to transform digital dental healthcare.

Aleksandr Merakovich


As CEO, Aleksandr oversees daily operations of Nearmedental.com. He has guided the company from inception to its current phase of dramatic growth and is fanatical about continually improving the core NearMedDntal.com platform.

Alex Fit


As Chief Strategy Officer, Reed is responsible for relationships with the companies that make up the Nearmedental.com network, and engaging across the dental ecosystem to identify opportunities with payors, life science, dental tech, dental device, dental finance, and any organization excited to break down the silos in dentalcare.