Effective and Intuitive

With the most effective dentist directory on the market, you can transform the way potential patients engage with your site and assist them in finding the right provider for them.

Fast and Efficient

We believe that finding a dentist online should be as straightforward as shopping. We’ve spent years developing and testing the NMD platform to help you connect with your patients in the fastest and most efficient way.

Profile Management with Optimal Customization

Every aspect of your NMD profile may be customized to reflect your brand and provide you with all features and tools you might require.

Comprehensive Search Tools

Patients can optimize their search of the dental care providers in a variety of ways and sort their results according to their liking to include various views and map-based parameters.

Increased Uploading Speed

Reduce the number of pop-ups and button clicks as you navigate fields to do more in less time.

24/7 User Assistance

If you need assistance with files or customized patient notes, you can reach NMD portal 24/7 online support line at a click of a button.

Innovative User-Focused Interface

NMD user-focused interface makes your website navigating experience effortless, straightforward, and distinctly convenient.

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