Permissible Use Policy

Near Me Dental, LLC (hereinafter “NMD”, “we”, “us”, “our”) endeavors to make the Service secure and accessible for anyone.
The present Permissible Use Policy (“PUP”) is a part of Terms of Use and other NMD Documentation and regulates your work with the Service. All basic terms and concepts that we use in PUP are described in Terms of Use. BY ACCESSING AND USING THE SERVICE BY ANY MEANS, YOU UNEQUIVOCALLY CONSENT TO AND CONFIRM THAT YOU HAVE READ THE PUP, UNDERSTAND, AND AGREE TO COMPLY WITH ITS TERMS. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT PUP, YOU CANNOT USE THE SERVICE AND SHALL IMMEDIATELY CEASE FROM ANY FURTHER ACCESS.


You agree and consent not to use the Service in any illegal, unlawful, or other manner violating the rights of other persons, including intellectual property, privacy, or other rights. You also agree not to use the Service in any different manner that can cause harm, disrupt the NMD PORTAL, or make us violate the law.
In addition to your aforementioned obligations, you hereby admit that you shall not (and you shall not allow to anyone):
(i) Work with the Services in violation of Terms of Use and other NMD documentation;
(ii) Make any change, copy, or translate any Content accessible on the NMD PORTAL ;
(iii) Delete any copyright, brand/trademark or other intellectual property rights notices contained in the Services/any other NMD Content;
(iv) Work with any robotic system/automation software, site scan/research application, or another computerized device, operation or ways to approach, retrieve or index any data, section or portion of the Service;
(v) Use, copy or retrieve any Content or any part of the Service to develop any database of reviews or other Content connected to the dentists’ industry or the Healthcare Providers;
(vi) Use the Service improperly or in violation with the NMD Documentation or applicable laws, as well as schedule an appointment with the Healthcare Service Provider without intent to attend;
(vii) Register, sign in, book appointments, or post/receive/copy any Content with the intent fraudulent, malicious or other bad faith or illegal intent;
(viii) Work with any information posted by other Users or Healthcare Service Providers for the purpose of sending unsolicited communications or other forms of mass messages (i.e. SPAM);
(ix) Break any law or regulation, as well as any privacy laws and policies;
(x) Endanger the security of your Account Credentials;
(xi) Attempt to receive a password, login credentials, or otherwise private information about another User;
(xii) Break any computer’s network security, or break any passwords or security encryption codes;
(xiii) Attempt to receive the source code or other technical information about the Service;
(xiv) Collect or store Individual Data regarding other Users using the prohibited and restricted actions described in this paragraph or any other actions violating the applicable laws.
Violation of the aforesaid rules is a sufficient ground for canceling your right to work with the Service.


Following the Terms of Use, you may provide/post any information, including Content or Personal Data on the NMD PORTAL. The said posting can be made in the form of feedback/review for the Healthcare Service Providers, general requests, or participation in public discussions if the ones available on the NMD PORTAL. Whenever you provide feedback/ review, you shall post clear, understandable, truthful information regarding the respective Healthcare Provider. You shall not use inappropriate language or manner of expression of your experience.
NMD reserves the right to publish the said information or remove it for any or without cause. NMD is not responsible for not amending or removing this information.
You are entirely responsible for any information that you post by means of the Service or transfer to other Users of the
You may not post, distribute, or reproduce in any way any Content or material that infringes, misappropriates, or violates the intellectual property, publicity, privacy, or other rights of any person or entity.
You shall not post any information that falsely states or expresses that NMD supports such content or mater.
You shall not post any information that is illegal or that advertises or supports unlawful activities.
You consent to and agree that it is the right by not obligation of NMD to review and remove any posted information that may be in breach of the Terms of Use and/or this PUP, or which may be abusive, unlawful, or may violate the rights of any Users of the Services or third parties.
You agree that you shall only post information that you are supposed to be honest and truthful.
You shall not post information that:
– is false or misleading;
– disturb or campaign for disturbing of anybody;
– includes the transfer of unsolicited mass message or SPAM;
– violates, infringes, or misappropriates the intellectual property or other rights of any person;
– violates any laws or regulations;
– is illegal, menacing, offensive, vicious, forcible, discriminatory, discrediting or  pornographic, or obscene in nature.
The aforementioned is an incomplete list of the sort of activities and information that is unlawful or banned on NMD keeps the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action according to the Terms of Use.


Wherever you are an owner of the copyright (or an agent thereof) and suppose that any information posted on is breaching your copyrights, you may initiate an informational notice by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) by sending NMD’s Copyright Attorney the following details of your request:
— a statement containing proof that the respective information posted on  has not been approved by its lawful copyright owner (or by an agent thereof);
— Contact information allowing us to reach out to you, for instance, mail/e-mail, phone number, and confirmation that the copyright owner has properly authorized the petitioner to file such notice;
— copyrighted information ID, which claimed to have been violated.
Copyright Attorney is:
Alexander Almonte, Esq.
Almonte Law Firm
2472 McDonald Avenue
Brooklyn, New York, 11223

A claim in accordance with the DMCA shall be sent to the said Copyright Attorney. All notice must conform to other provisions of the DMCA. Any other requests shall be sent to the NMD support Should you not comply with any of the said requirements of this document, you confirm that your DMCA notice is not proper and valid.


A valid and up to the date edition of PUP is located on the NMD webpage. We will inform regarding any amendments by posting the respective notice on our Service. Wherever you continue to use the Service after the effective date of the new edition of this policy, you confirm the provisions of the respective amended PUP. Present amendments contained in this PUP replace all previous versions. WHEREVER YOU DON’T ACCEPT AMENDMENTS TO PUP, YOU MUST CEASE YOUR USE OF THE SERVICE AFTER THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF THESE AMENDMENTS.

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