The patient’s journey

Building trust with patients and their families starts online. Nearmedental.com helps you establish trust at every step of the patient’s journey. With decades of experience and the most advanced technologies in the dentistry sector, Nearmedental.com has been designed to help dental businesses manage the patient’s journey the right way.

The Up-to-Date Information

Our Dentist’s Data solutions unify your internal data to ensure professional information about you, like addresses and phone numbers is up-to-date everywhere across the web for a more professional appearance.

Listing Accuracy

With an integrated Nearmedental.com profile your patients will always see an up-to-date and correct information whether they search for a dentist on Nearmedental.com, through other search engines like Google My Business or on your website. They’ll also be able to schedule an appointment from anywhere.


Customizable and user-friendly Nearmedental.com search tools are built to engage and enhance patient experience.


Nearmedental.com uses universal scheduling tools feature which offers your patents an option to book their appointments through Nearmedental.com platform in a few simple steps.

Reputation Insights

You may use the power of the patient’s voice to learn what matters and continuously improve your operations. Nearmedental.com analyzes patient reviews from various sources – whether posted on the dentist’s web page or found on the third-party sites all over the internet.


Nearmedental.com improves your reputation by integrating patient reviews collected at the point of care via various resources: SMS, email, or devices, like NMD Review and after internal review by Nearmedental.com team uploading on your Nearmedental.com profile and other reputable third-party patient reviewing websites.

Optimal Results

Nearmedental.com was designed with the mission to help dental organizations deliver an extraordinary patient experience at every step of their digital journey. Nearmedental.com is a state-of-the-art platform providing exceptional tools aimed at helping our dental providers to build and expand their practice. Nearmedental.com is also an ultimate user-friendly platform designed to provide an outstanding patient experience through a wide range of customizable search tools.

The Nearmedental.com team is committed to assisting you in achieving your goals. We’ve got the experience, the technology, and the willpower to back it up. With a 24/7 support and analytical assistance, our Nearmedental.com team becomes an extension of your digital team.

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