Dental Care Tips in Holiday Season by General Dentist Near Me
Dental Care Tips in Holiday Season by General Dentist Near Me


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The holiday season is a time for traveling, parties, and enjoyment. People may not have regular oral hygiene routines during the time off from work or school. However, this can increase dental plaque with the consequent formation of dental caries and periodontal disease. As per a general dentist near me, people should be cautious about their oral health during the holiday season. 

People become careless about oral hygiene with a plethora of events to attend with friends and family functions. So how can you enjoy your holidays without neglecting dental health? This article discusses some considerations for holiday oral health care practices to promote healthy teeth and gums.

Follow your daily oral care routine

Oral care routine should be carried out every day without fail, even if you are too busy partying. This way, you can save your tooth from caries formation. 

Brushing is one of the most effective ways of removing plaque as it disrupts the formation process. In addition, people must floss their teeth once a day, especially after eating highly starchy foods such as bread or bagels that tend to get stuck in between the teeth. Flossing also helps remove food debris from between teeth where a toothbrush might not reach.

Check out your intake of sugary foods

Eating sugary snacks or drinks is extremely common during the holiday season. However, they promote tooth decay by leaving sugar residue on the teeth after eating, which serves as a nutrient for bacteria. Thus, increasing the risk of plaque formation that leads to cavities. 

Research shows that many people eat more sugary foods on major holidays than during an average day. Consuming sugary delights gives you a temporary sense of pleasure but wreaks havoc on teeth. Treats such as lollipops, hard candy, cookies, cupcakes, and other sugary foods can cause enamel erosion. So, it is vital to maintain good dental hygiene even at such times. If you don’t want to suffer from tooth decay, avoid consuming them frequently.

Thus, make sure to consume less sugary foods and drinks as much as possible to minimize your risk of developing dental caries.

Limit alcohol consumption

Alcoholic beverages can dry out the mouth, which makes teeth more susceptible to tooth decay. In addition, they also contain sugar and acids that can cause acid erosion of the enamel with resultant decay formation.

The general dentist near me says avoid smoking

Smoking increases your risk of gum disease. If you smoke, you are also twice as likely to lose teeth as nonsmokers. Smoking leads to tooth loss and periodontal (gum) disease – the most common cause of tooth loss among adults. 

The general dentist near me recommends staying hydrated

In order to keep your mouth moist and improve saliva flow, you must drink plenty of water. Water helps wash away food from between teeth, which in turn prevents tooth decay or bad breath. A general dentist near me recommends at least eight glasses of water a day for maintaining good oral hygiene during the holiday season.

Use sugar-free gum

Chewing sugar-free gum for 10 minutes after every meal can save your tooth from caries formation. These gums will raise the pH in the mouth and promote saliva flow. It contains Xylitol that works as a remedy against bacteria growth, and strengthens enamel. You can switch them with sugary snacks that cause demineralization of teeth over time, leading to cavities.

The general dentist near me suggests carrying a teeth cleaning kit 

Carrying a teeth-cleaning kit is essential while going on holidays to resorts. Dental plaque is a biofilm that forms in the mouth. Bacteria begin to grow in this film within 20 minutes of not brushing your teeth! And when the plaque mixes with sugars from foods throughout the day. It produces acids that can attack your enamel and cause cavities. 

Brushing your teeth in between meals and using an antimicrobial mouth rinse instantly can help remove plaque from your teeth all day long. Take care of your oral health even while on holidaying and save yourself from long-term dental consequences.

Schedule an appointment with a general dentist near me

If you are having any symptoms like a toothache or swollen gums, you should visit a general dentist near me on time to be safe from further complications. He or she will detect minor problems at an early stage and recommend proper treatment. 

Regular dental visits and good oral hygiene can help limit plaque buildup and future infections. Thus, you won’t be putting any extra pressure on your teeth and gums.

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