Dentistry Guide: Choosing an Anti-snoring Mouth Piece that Works


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One of the treatments for snoring that dentists offer is oral appliance therapy.

Snoring can break your marriage because your spouse won’t be able to enjoy their sleep with you snoring the night away.

Does your spouse grumble about your constant snoring? Do you wake up every day in the morning feeling restless and not properly rested? Snoring the night away can be a huge inconvenience, especially to the people that you share your house with. However, snoring is also a precursor for more problems such as fatigue, sleep disturbances, and apnea.

What is the Cause of Snoring?

Snoring arises due to several reasons. First, you might have health issues with your nose or sinuses. Some patients find that they snore when they experience allergies or when sick. Those with a deviated septum might find themselves snoring.

Another reason is the lack of muscular tone. Poor muscle tone makes the muscles in your oral cavity to relax during sleep. These tissues fall back and block the airway, causing snoring. This condition will occur mostly in patients that take sleeping pills or who drink excessive alcohol.

If you are overweight or you have enlarged adenoids or tonsils, then you will most likely snore. Before you do anything, find a clinic that can assist you to stop snoring. Search for “dentistry Brooklyn NY” to find a facility that offers this service.

How the Mouthpiece Works

The anti-snoring mouthpiece is exactly what it suggests – an appliance that prevents snoring. The mouthpiece advances your lower jaw, pushing it forward. It can also work by tightening the tissues in your airway, opening the airway and reducing snoring. It also pulls the base of your tongue forward, which clears any obstruction.

Who Needs the Mouthpiece?

Not everyone needs a mouthpiece at night. For those whose snoring worsens as they grow old, this is the perfect solution. Additionally, if your snoring is a result of being overweight, this mouthpiece can help you.

Sleeping on your back makes it easy for the tongue to drop back into your airway and blocks it. You need this utility. If you drink too much, then a mouthpiece will help you a lot.

However, you don’t need a mouthpiece in some situations. If you use dentures or you miss multiple teeth, avoid the mouthpiece. People with dental decay or those that suffer from jaw pain should avoid the appliance. People living with Epilepsy shouldn’t use the mouthpiece because it might disintegrate due to biting down on it.

Choosing the Right Mouth Piece

Here are a few features to look for when choosing a mouthpiece.

It should allow for Customization

Choose a mouthpiece that can be customized to fit the shape of the teeth. To make this a reality, soak the mouthpiece in hot water, which in turn softens the padding. Bite into the guard, then hold for a while and let it cool. The guard will then come with an impression of your teeth, which makes it fit perfectly and comfortably.

It should be Adjustable

The mouthpiece is intended to hold the lower jaw in a fixed position for a long time. This position is the most comfortable for you. If you push your jaw too far quickly, you might injure your jaw while at it.

The best way to do this would be, to begin with the lowest comfortable position than advance slowly to the perfect setting. This is only possible when the mouthpiece is adjustable.

It Allows the Jaw to Move Comfortably

Mouthpieces are made from a single block or two pieces molded together. The latter is perfect because it allows your jaw to move.

Presence of Breathing Vents

These vents allow you to breathe normally through the mouth when wearing the appliance. Before you sleep, it is easy for you to breathe because you can control how you do it, but this changes during sleep because you don’t have control over your actions.

Choose an appliance that has hinges or a breathing hole.

Finally: Choose a Quality Design

Ensure the mouthpiece is made of high-quality material that lasts longer and is safe to use. The piece should be well designed to feel comfy in your mouth. A proper design also makes the piece easy to clean and store. Work with a top “dentistry Brooklyn NY” office to get the best design for your needs.

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