How to Find a Cheap Dentist Near Me
How to Find a Cheap Dentist Near Me


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Rising healthcare costs are the number one reason why Americans avoid dental care every day. Routine dental check-ups are expensive for an average American. Simple procedures like dental fillings can cost several hundred dollars while getting braces can cost thousands. One in three Americans also lacks dental insurance which complicates this procedure further. People who are retired or unemployed can also lose their insurance even if they had one. 

Even if you have dental insurance or Medicaid, proper dental procedures can still burn a hole in your pocket. It is quite difficult to find a cheap dentist near me, but not impossible. With a little patience and lots of research, you will be easily able to find a cheap dentist near me. 

Finding a Cheap Dentist Near Me

Dental Schools

Every state has a few running dental programs. Even smaller states like Alaska have four schools and New York has 160. The students at these schools often require practical training before they start their practice and they offer to treat the public at reduced prices. Even with insurance, you can expect to pay less for regular services like dental fillings or root canals. However, your appointment might take longer as their mentors guide the students through each and every step. You can get an appointment at any of these dental Schools by going on their website. 

Public Clinics

Public Dental Clinics are often funded by taxpayer’s money and are run by local or state health departments. These clinics also get grants from the federal government. If you want a cheap dentist near me, public Clinics are your best option as they charge low and fix the prices based on how much you can afford. You can get all the basic services like dental exams, cleanings, x-rays, root canals, fillings, and dental crowns at an affordable cost. 

The price of each service can be as low as $15. Along with public Clinics, there are many non-profit groups that contribute to the national directory of affordable dental programs. 

Cheap Dentist Near Me: Free Clinics 

The demand for cheap dental care is growing. Therefore, many non-profit groups, charities, and professional dental organizations come together to organize free dental care. However, the waitlist for the free or cheap dentist near me is quite long and many of these services have an income cut-off. Many free clinics also serve only seniors or people with disabilities. 

Non-profit Clinics

In some states, you can find dental clinics that serve people below certain income criteria, people with no insurance, or people who cannot afford private care. A lot of these non-profit clinics are staffed by volunteer dentists who provide their special services at no extra cost. You can get your free dental care at these clinics on a first-come-first-serve basis by paying the fees based on your income. 

Donated Services

Some charities and dental organizations donate their labor along with equipment to provide free care to ailing citizens. Dental Lifeline is available in all states which treat people with permanent disabilities and serious medical ailments. There is also another program that specifically treats children from disadvantaged backgrounds with volunteer orthodontists for braces and other treatments. 

The mission of Mercy also hosts free dental clinics all across the country at playgrounds, high schools, and fields. The program funded by America’s Dentist Care Foundation does not require any proof of income and treats as many people as they can over a period of two days. 

Private Dentists

A lot of private Dentists across the country treat a few patients every year for free. They do this by accepting referrals from other dentists along with lucky draws for patients who cannot afford private care. In case you cannot afford a dentist, you can be upfront about your financial situation and ask if you qualify for free care. 

Other Ways to Get a Cheap Dentist Near Me

It is recommended to get a dental check-up twice every year. However, if you take good care of your teeth, your dental visits will definitely cost you much less. People who smoke or have diabetes, are prone to more tartar buildup, cavities, and plaque. Prevention is the cheapest medicine. Therefore, if you take good care of your teeth, you can keep your teeth and gums healthy. 

Bottom Line 

You should know the signs of tooth decay before it gets serious. In case of an emergency, you should always have contact for a cheap dentist near me so that you do not run into any serious damage. 

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